Welcome to camProx Software Solutions Karlsruhe


camProx OHG was founded in October 2004 by Oliver Neumann & Ingo Häußler with the goal of providing camQuix software as an independent CAD-CAM solution for the fenestration industry.

camQuix is a machine-brand independent software, that allows easy to use and yet comprehensive programming of machining operations. The program has a rapid graphical interface, where profile parts and operations can be described with very simple input. Tools selection, optimized sequence of operations and clamp positions (for profile milling centers) are defined automatically. NC-code is generated for a selected machine with the push of a button.

After several years we saw the need for an interface between the several CAD systems on the market and camQuix. To bridge this gap we created cadXtract. With this software the user no longer needed to define all workings by hand in the CAM system that he created just before in the CAD system. It was now possible to create the program for the milling machine directly out of the CAD data.

Company values

Our company always aspires to offer you great quality and service at competitive prices. At the same time morality and fairness towards our employees and customers is one of our highest good. We loathe racism and intolerance and we refrain from it. Even though we are a profit oriented company, we try to be more than that!


Please take a look at our website and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always available for your needs.