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Software-Developer with experience in C++ and 3D-programming and fluent english skills.

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Service-Technicians with knowledge of NC/ISO-code and fluent english skills.


Online Content Marketing Manager (w/m/d) with a desire to develop and implement a marketing strategy

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CNC-software for aluminum profile milling


CAM software


camQuix® is a modern CAM software for aluminum profile milling. Our experience from the last 20 years and constant development according to the latest standards of all the various machining centers make it the perfect choice.

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cadXtract® is the perfect software to complete your production process. It closes a gap between two important steps of the work preparation – the 3D computer models of your workpieces and the CAM Software.

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We develop complete, custom tailored solutions for your specific needs that enable you to automate your whole production process from planning till shipping. No matter where the data comes from and whatever machine you use.

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